Training & Development

We are an inclusive platform for all socio-economic backward people giving them the power to work for themselves and become self-reliant. We have trained a total of 23 disabled teenagers and single mothers, providing them allowances as well bonuses, we achieved making 23 families happy and we wish to do more.
By making everyone work in groups we cultivate a sense of belonging in them and through various activities, teach them about community-living. Providing everyone an equal opportunity to work on themselves and together with others, they not only learn various skills but also develop good social skills which will help them in the long-run. We try to give each one of our trainees the overall development they require to become headstrong and face the challenges of the world. When the marginalized people without any discrimination are trained and prepared, to create a sustainable living for themselves, it brings a positive impact to society and makes it more inclusive.
Seven Tea One wants to keep on building with the thought of assisting others in living their lives with dignity, full of zeal and self-confidence, providing them the support they need to become better and happier.

Things We Do

Moments We Created at Our Center